35 yo F with High B12

High B12 – could it be due to gut bacteria? Female age 35. Came to see me as her GP found high B12 readings when testing her blood and told her she needed to lower it. I am not sure of the units but it was about 950 instead of…

Infections and natural agents

Can anyone point me to a good resource for which natural agents work for which infections eg. bacterial, viral, yeast? Thanks ever so. Posted by Michaela Rose

Parasites and H Pylori

Client with parasites and H Pylori wants to take antibiotics One of my clients has just finished a 15 week anti-parasite protocol. We have managed to get rid of Blasto, Bacillus species and Klebsiella. However the retest shows this client now has Endolimax nana and H Pylori. He doesn’t want…