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Detecting Coronavirus Antibodies

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Current #antibody tests for #coronavirus are conducted using samples of blood. Relatively little research has been done into the presence of any antibody responses…

Sleep And The Gut Microbiome

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We all know that lack of #sleep can leave us with feelings of lethargy and in a bad mood, but if this becomes prolonged…

Hello, Ivy. So Long, Cough.

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Ivy Leaf for Lung Health By Erica Zelfand, ND Rattle, click, puff, inhale. So goes the pithy song of the rescue inhaler. By mimicking…

Immune Polyphenols

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Reading Time: 20 minutes
Quercetin, Naringin, and Berry Polyphenols Provide Powerful Immune Protection In 2020, the year of “all things immune,” it often feels like we have listened…

Medieval Mixture Effective Antibacterial

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Infections associated with #biofilms are notoriously difficult to treat and play a large role in #antibiotic resistance, a significant emerging health problem. It is…

The Healing Power of Colostrum

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From Infants to Top-Notch Athletes to the Critically Ill, this “First Milk” Provides Immune and Gastrointestinal Benefits What’s the nutritional superfood that almost all…