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COVID-19, a new strain of Coronavirus, has prompted unprecedented restirctions and interventions into both personal and professional lives.  Clinical Education is dedicated to providing practitioners with balanced, researched and comprehensive education resources relating to information and strategies about COVID-19. We will continually update this page with the latest news, resources, and links. Dr Leo Galland –

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There are two main types. The first, an antigen test, detects the presence or absence in the body of the new coronavirus, which causes the disease Covid-19. The second, an antibody test, looks for signs that someone has been infected in the past by searching for an immune response. Since Chinese scientists in mid-January 2020

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Welcome to the Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine Resource Area.  This is where we’ll load up the slide presentations from the day. Remember: the slides will NOT be printed by us, you can either download the presentations from here and save them to your laptop.  Should you prefer to make notes on paper, then we have included

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Welcome to IFM™s GI Advanced Practice Module (APM™). This course is designed to expand upon and enhance your understanding of the concepts and materials introduced in our foundational, five-day course, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP™). Regardless of whether you have taken AFMCP™ in the past or not, we strongly encourage you to review the interactive