Everyone recognises that in the context of the human body the gastrointestinal tract consists of an enormous surface area. In turn, it has some well understood roles in human health and that includes being optimised to efficiently absorb nutrients, water, and electrolytes from the food we ingest. Yet at the same time, it needs to

A new study finds that when young people binge drink alcohol, it disrupts their immune system — and that disruption happens more quickly than drinkers might think.

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In a remarkable research Paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a group of researchers, led by Dr Gideon Lack have shown that early exposure to a specific allergen, reduces risk of future allergy.[1] The allergen in question is peanut. The Learning Early About Peanut (LEAP) came about because The prevalence of peanut

There is an increasing interest in understanding how the ‘Western diet’ affects immunity. Many people across the globe have adopted this diet, and epidemiological studies have revealed that it correlates with a high incidence of chronic inflammatory disorders, including diabetes, multiple sclerosis and asthma. Nevertheless, because the Western diet includes a large proportion of red

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This seminar was presented two years before Dr O’Bryan organised the on-line event called The Gluten Summit. Dr O’Bryan presents fascinating and compelling information about the prevalence of gluten related health problems, and the distinction between non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) and Coeliac Disease.

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Mankind has forever been chasing the secret of eternal life and youthful looks. Whilst that dream may be just that, there is much evidence to support the slowing of the aging process with the appropriate choice of foods. Antony presents information about what kind of food and diet has been shown to support the healthiest aging process, preserving youthful looks for as long as is possible. He also identifies which nutrients in supplement form may contribute to achieving this common goal.

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Sports Nutrition with Antony Haynes