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FOCUS Discusses Key Aspects of Supporting Healthy Immune Function with Antony Haynes, RNT, BA(Hons), Dip ION Antony Haynes, RNT, BA(Hons), Dip ION, has been in private practice as a nutritional therapist since 1992, working each week from Harley Street, London. He is one of the most experienced registered nutritional therapists in the UK, and he

Medieval Mixture Effective Antibacterial

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Medieval-Mixture-Effective-AntibacterialInfections associated with #biofilms are notoriously difficult to treat and play a large role in #antibiotic resistance, a significant emerging health problem. It is estimated that Antimicrobial resistance will kill 10 million people per year by 2050. Scientists from Warwick University have recognised the need for new #antimicrobials to fight antibiotic resistance and have had their work published in the Nature Journal in July 2020. In conjunction with medievalists the team of microbiologists, chemists, pharmacists, and data analysts recreated a 1000-year-old medicinal preparation called Bald’s eye salve using extracts of “onion, garlic, wine, and bile salts” and found it to have strong antibacterial activity.

The Healing Power of Colostrum

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From Infants to Top-Notch Athletes to the Critically Ill, this “First Milk” Provides Immune and Gastrointestinal Benefits What’s the nutritional superfood that almost all of us have had at some time in our lives, and that new mothers, dairy farmers, and OB/GYNs know best? It is colostrum, the first milk that comes at birth. It

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Most of us are familiar with the antioxidant principles of the vitamin E family, and their importance as an essential nutrient for protection of cellular membranes and prevention of cholesterol oxidation.[1],[2] However, many are less aware of their importance for healthy immune system function, particularly with age. Although severe vitamin E deficiency is uncommon and

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Liquorice-Extract-Reducing-the-Risk-of-Covid-19-Infection#Glycyrrhizin, the sweet tasting constituent of #liquorice root, has previously been highlighted for its role as a natural #anti-viral. As a result of the current #COVID-19 global pandemic the spotlight has again been shone upon the natural compound in the hope it could reduce the risk of infection. The previously unknow #pathogen, designated as severe acute respiratory syndrome #coronavirus 2 (#SARS-CoV-2), spread worldwide within a few weeks. SARS-CoV-2 is considered to share 79.5% of the genetic sequence of #SARS-CoV and to have the same cell entry receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme II (#ACE2). As a result, scientists can take previous SARS-CoV clinical knowledge and research into account in their attempts to manage Covid-19 related infection risk. Glycyrrhizin was found to be one of the most promising candidates in fighting against SARS-CoV, and research has now been published by Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.

Gut Bacteria and Type 2 Diabetes

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Gut-Bacteria-and-Type-2-DiabetesAccording to a study, published in Nature Metabolism in March 2020, #gut #bacteria can be linked to the development of type 2 #diabetes, with the authors finding that diabetics have a different bacterial signature in blood, liver and certain abdominal fat deposits to non-diabetics. The research group, based at Université Laval, Canada, examined tissue from 40 obese patients, half of whom had normal blood glucose levels, and half who had type 2 diabetes #T2D. T2D is highly prevalent worldwide and hugely compromises health and life span. With Diabetes UK, having found that one in ten people over the age of 40 in the UK are living with T2D, a figure set to rise over the coming years, this type of research is vital to a better understanding of the condition.

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Frankincense-as-an-Anti-inflammatory#Frankincense is a traditional medicine from the East believed to have many therapeutic properties, including creating an #anti-inflammatory effect. It is harvested from the resin of the #Boswellia tree and researchers believe that it can prevent the release of #leukotrienes, which are compounds that can cause #inflammation. One of its key, anti-inflammatory, substances is #boswellic acid, which makes it suitable for the treatment of diseases such as #asthma, #rheumatoid #arthritis and #neurodermatitis.  A study by Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (Germany) and Louisiana State University, has now been published –Nature Chemical Biology– uncovering the molecular mechanism behind its anti-inflammatory effects.

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luteinIn Addition to Keeping Our Vision 20/20, These Nutrients Are Important for Brain and Skin Health, as Recent Research Highlights

If a multiple-choice test asked which organ the carotenoid lutein helps protect, and gave the options of the brain, eyes, or skin, many would select the eyes. Given lutein’s accumulation in the retina and other structures of the eye,[1] we do see a preponderance of research related to this organ. However, high levels of lutein are also found in the brain and skin.[2],[3]

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young brainThe Evidence Backing Nutritional Tools That Support Pediatric Brain Health and a Healthy Attention Span

Because of the pandemic, many parents have had substantially more one-on-one time with their children. And it has not been limited to the typical activities of being Mum and Dad, suddenly, there is the job of teaching as well. Getting kids to do their homework and stay on task seemed like a struggle back in 2019 but took on a whole new meaning in 2020.

Herein, we look at key nutrients that support paediatric brain health and, with this, a healthy attention span.

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asthma plant basedNew research from the United States based Physicians committee for Responsible Medicine has shown that by eating a #plant-based diet we can help prevent #asthma as well as manage symptoms. Asthma is a common, chronic #respiratory condition that is characterised by the inflammation of the airways, causing #breathing difficulties. The evidence produced by the research found that whilst #fruits, #vegetables, #grains and other high #fibre foods can benefit asthma sufferers, #dairy products and other foods, high in saturated fats could be harmful.

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