Antony J Haynes

Antony J Haynes

In 2010, Nutri-Link’s Weight Loss Seminar will focus on a doctor-created programme proven to not only help your patients lose weight but also to achieve and maintain optimal health. The programme has already achieved success in 700 participants, many of whom lost 10 lbs within the first 30 days with very little effort. The programme is a combination of high quality nutritional supplements combined with very specific dietary recommendations.

Antony Haynes presented a fascinating, informed and clinically relevant lecture at The Institute of Physics on 9th February 2010.

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What is Different about the CONTROL-IT™ Programme?

CONTROL-IT™  Programme

Designed by Naturopathic Doctor, with 3 Years of Clinical Research behind the Programme

Control-IT™ helped men lose an average of 8-10 lbs month on month and women lose 4-6lbs.

The weight loss was sustained month on month and did not reach the usual plateau that many weight loss systems reach within a couple of months.

Rapid & Sustainable Results

Patients achieve quick results that are sustained month on month through minor eating modifications. By helping to educate your patients as to how to listen to their bodies, you can help them control their weight themselves and ultimately lead to visible and measurable weight loss.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to implement the Control-IT™ weight loss programme.
  • Why the Control-IT™ programme is so effective and sustainable.
  • The 3 Major Roadblocks to Weight Loss.
  • The 6 Keys to Weight Loss.
  • 8 Helpful Tips that have proven effective in supporting the programme.
  • The best kind of exercise to accompany the programme.

Benefits to Patients

  • With over 700 people going through the programme, Control-IT™ is a proven one. Average monthly weight loss was 8-10 lbs for men and 4-6 lbs for women.
  • The programme is safe to use in the long term, if needed.
  • The programme is designed to get rid of those unwanted pounds quickly, but its main focus is to keep the weight off long-term so you look and feel great.
  • Control-IT™ is not just about losing weight, it is about achieving and maintaining optimal health. The health benefits include improved blood pressure, improved digestion, improved skin, improved joint comfort, reduced PMT & hot flashes, reduced allergic responses, and improved mood & energy.
  • Control-IT™ is easy to follow without dramatically changing your lifestyle.

Benefits to You

  • Take the guesswork about how to market your practice to a wider audience.
  • Be able to use a successful weight loss package, that helps more than just your patient’s weight.
  • Repeat business in your clinic because the results will be there to be seen.

The Return on Your Investment

  • This programme requires no special training, other than attending this evening presentation.
  • Control-IT can be implemented right away.
  • There is no extra or out of hours work involved to the usual consultation with your patients.
  • There is no expensive investment in equipment or training.
  • There are no hidden costs or subscriptions.
CPD Approval Credits/hours
British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional TherapyBritish Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy 2.5