Michael Ash: A Nutritional Therapy Approach to CVD

Michael Ash BSc(Hons) DO ND F.DipION presents a Functional Medicine approach utilising the BANT model approved by the Institute of Functional Medicine. Presented on Friday the 14th May 2010 at the CAM conference held at Cavendish Square London

Many Nutritional Therapists feel intimidated by the needs or complexities, real or imagined, related to prevention and support of individuals that wish to manage their risk or current CVD status.

As the major killer of people in the UK and in most westernised countries, it is clear that the current health care policies and strategies are not having as big an impact as the health care bodies would like.

This presentation explores some of the procedures and strategies using an evidence based model, that Nutritional Therapists may choose to employ. Michael Ash has a special interest in mucosal immunology ‘the bodies wet surfaces’ and includes the current understanding of the role of the innate immune system to highlight how targeted nutritional intervention has been shown to offer significant benefits.

Ultimately the success of the intervention requires comprehensive interaction with the patient, and where necessary regular communication with their primary health care clinician. Contraindications do exist and an understanding of nutrient to drug interaction will assist with a safe effective strategy. The constantly evolving science allows for delicate and consistent refining of interventions, and the considered application of investigations and data collection assists with developmental approaches.

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is preventable yet kills more than 70,000 people and 110,000 people have a heart attack in England every year.  Around 2 million people suffer from angina in the UK. Such statistics mean CHD is the biggest killer in the country.

The Nutritional Therapist has the ability to extend their approach well beyond the cholesterol, low fat and exercise model, by producing a personalised approach, as ‘one strategy’ has been shown time and again to fail to meet the many outliers unique requirements.

Conventional medicine is capable of producing remarkable results at the point of disease identification, Nutritional Therapy can offer long term strategic guidance, as well as short term interventions and careful effective support in an integrative strategy.

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